Who are we? That’s a great question. We’re Midwestern transplants living in the Pacific Northwest pursuing our dreams. Well, at least two of us are living our dreams, as number three is along for the ride until he can set his own course.

Let me explain a little further. I’m Scott, a geographer by education, but now deeply involved with trying to make the most of being a entrepreneur. Since I’m the oldest, I get to be number one ;>). Number two is my wife Madelyn and mother to number three. Madelyn’s a nurse by education and joined me in 2004 in hitting the reset button to be my business partner. She’s an entrepreneur too, cleverly named the “Minister of War & Finance” by one of our staff members several years ago. Number three is our son Kendrick. Teenager all-around that has been subject to life as son of entrepreneurs for the last nine years. He doesn’t know it yet, but these experiences will forever shape his life.

More to follow…

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