2 comments on “Trans-America Trail (TAT) — Day 16

  1. Excellent write up, but I do have a question; I was under the impression that the TAT was set up loosely to help riders to see areas of the US. I can see closed gates — but locked gates? Wasn’t this suppose to be a honor system or something like that? A couple days back you showed all three bikes on there side, how are the panniers holding up? LH

    • Gates are part of western culture. In most places, we were able to open and close gates without issue. In other places, gates are locked due to vandalism, fire danger, or someone ruining access for everyone else.
      All bikes have been down on both sides. The panniers have done an admirable job of holding up. Madelyn’s right pannier is the worst off and will need extensive repair or replacement. We’re all quite surprised at their durability and happy to see them make it home still mounted on the bikes.

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